<![CDATA[Genius News - Blog]]>Fri, 19 Feb 2016 05:41:54 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[A Genius Start to the Year´╗┐]]>Thu, 18 Feb 2016 17:59:47 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/a-genius-start-to-the-yearThe 2016 golf season is either in full swing, or frozen solid, depending on where you call home.  Regardless of Mother Nature’s whims, we’re happy to report that Golf Genius Software has been “on fire” for the first six weeks of the New Year.  The PGA Show was a great showcase for our products. Our sales team has been in overdrive. And, most importantly, we continue to receive excellent feedback and support from our growing number of customers.

Some stats we like:
  • We’ve signed 33 new customer license agreements at private and public courses in the last 45 days. 
  • 20% of our newest customers use Club Car and are taking advantage of our simple yet powerful integration with Visage.
  • Already, 35,050 golf rounds have been played using Golf Genius Software.
  • More than 700 new users (new, unique registrants) have created GGS accounts.
  • About 1,800 tournaments have been played using our software: half stroke play, 226 match play, nearly 200 Stableford events and 300 skins tournaments.
On the product side, we have released new features, expanded and refined functions and, as always, delivered on specific customer requests. Our January release included:
  • New integration with club websites, adding Clubessential to our partnerships with Jonas, Members First, and North Star.
  • Tee sheet formats seem to come in more than 33 flavors. We’ve released some new, customer-requested format options, as well as adding more controls for display of index and course handicap.
  • You’ll find new payments options for event registration that promises to make life a lot easier. We introduced a basic capability last year, and in January included new options and substantial payment reporting.
  • Ready for 2016? For your member-guest, you can clone the 2015 tournament portal and copy over the rounds, the tournaments, the scorecards, the division/flight/team definitions, and even the player roster. Many of our customers have suggested it would be nice to link to the prior year tourney portal to view photos, the results, etc. We've added a widget called "Page from a Different Portal" which allows you to link to other portals. This widget allows a very powerful and simple way to organize event and league portals without the need to copy content from one portal to another.

Finally, we are very excited about our January announcement of a new partnership with Arcis Golf. Arcis will implement GGS tournament management software at 50 Arcis golf properties. Arcis Golf currently owns and/or manages over 70 private clubs, daily fee, and municipal facilities.
The New Year is young, but things continue to move faster than Bubba’s swing speed at Golf Genius Software. Our commitment to less work for golf professionals, more fun for golfers, and more revenue for operators guides our team everyday.  A sincere thanks to our customers, new and old, for launching us towards a very successful 2016. 
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<![CDATA[GGS AWARDED PRODUCT OF THE YEAR BY BOARDROOM MAGAZINE]]>Wed, 18 Mar 2015 17:42:16 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/ggs-awarded-product-of-the-year-by-boardroom-magazinePicture
Golf Genius Software was honored as Product of the Year by BoardRoom magazine at the CMAA World Conference and Expo, held in San Antonio.

BoardRoom magazine, endorsed by the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA), the Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) and the official publication for the Association of Private Club Directors (APCD) and the Distinguished Club of the World, honored Golf Genius and other companies at their 14th annual "Excellence in Achievement" awards.

"We are thrilled to be recognized as Product of the Year by Boardroom magazine," said Golf Genius CEO Mike Zisman. "This award is a testament to the hard work our team has devoted to making Golf Genius an industry leader in cloud-based tournament administration software, we are honored with the distinction and look forward to continuing to grow in clubs throughout the country and abroad."

"Each recipient of the BoardRoom magazine 'Excellence in Achievement' award is clearly a leader in their respective industry," said John Fornaro, publisher of the BoardRoom magazine. BoardRoom magazine's industry peers and experts review and select these outstanding suppliers and consultants, which represent various aspects of course and club operations. Winners, each year, are selected for overall excellence in their respective fields, achievements, innovation, vision for future growth and continued impact on private club operations.

Golf Genius Software offers affordable, fully-featured cloud-based software for organizing and managing golf events, leagues and trips. Golf Genius saves time and eliminates hassle for PGA Professionals, event organizers, league managers, amateur and professional associations and trip captains, enabling them to deliver a greatly enhanced experience to golfers with live scoring, TV leaderboards and custom websites displaying pairings, results, statistics, sponsor branding, photos, message boards, and more.
<![CDATA[GPS INDUSTRIES ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH GOLF GENIUS SOFTWARE]]>Fri, 23 Jan 2015 18:40:16 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/gps-industries-announces-partnership-with-golf-genius-softwarePicture
GPS Industries (GPSI) - the world's leading provider of GPS tracking technology for low speed vehicles - announces a proprietary integration partnership with Golf Genius Software(GGS), developer of the best-in-class, cloud-based golf-event management system.

The Golf Genius-GPSI Connector combines hole-by-hole scores and live leaderboards hosted on GGS and Visage platforms with GPSI's 10-inch color touch screens mounted to golf cars. Real-time results can also be transmitted to clubhouse televisions, golf course websites and GGS-supplied portals.

Further to the agreement, GPSI and Club Car - the global leader in golf car manufacturing and long-time GPSI partner - are now authorized resellers of the GGS subscription service. This means golf facilities may purchase it through a GPSI or Club Car agreement.

"We are very excited to partner with GPS Industries and Club Car to extend the capabilities of the Golf Genius platform," says Michael Zisman, CEO of GGS. "For courses equipped with GPSI units on their fleet, tournament scoring is a natural extension of the services provided on the video display unit. Live leaderboards cultivate a tour-like experience, unquestionably enhancing the tournament experience and providing greater enjoyment for golfers."

Affordable, fully-featured software from GGS is ideal for golf tournaments and leagues at public and private facilities, charitable and corporate outings, member-guest competitions, buddy trips, professional championships and more. Scoring simultaneous events is a snap, as is posting full-motion video and static messages, greetings and even video sponsorships.

"GGS's user-friendly interface creates less work for those managing events while delivering more fun to participants," says Ben Porter, CEO of GPSI. "The Golf Genius-GPSI Connector requires no additional hardware, making the transition seamless and an even easier decision for courses intent on offering guests a memorable playing experience."

The recently-launched Visage Media Network is an increasingly popular GPSI platform. It represents the largest connected, on-course audience of golfers in the world. Sponsored content is featured on more than 25,000 screens with nearly 40 million-plus page views monthly. New applications are being developed to enable users to stay connected with their social media and professional networks while creating, managing and sharing user-generated content, including personal golf statistics, photos and video.

Prevalent at public, private and resort golf courses, marquee properties utilizing the Visage platform include Congressional Country Club, Trump National Doral Miami and several TPC clubs such as San Antonio, Las Vegas and River Highlands. Installed in 900-plus golf-car fleets, primarily in North America, Europe and the Middle East for 80% global market share, GPSI predicts 35% annual growth over 2014.

<![CDATA[10 GREAT GOLF TRAVEL PACKING TIPS]]>Fri, 19 Dec 2014 19:06:10 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/10-great-golf-travel-packing-tipsOriginally posted on The Golf Travel Guru .

You're finally embarking on your golf dream trip and you know you'll need to take your “A” game, right?

Be aware, golf travelers, if you don’t pack carefully you might end up with so many annoyances and hassles that playing your best is almost impossible.

Here are 10 invaluable tips I can share that’ll help your trip be full of great memories. Some of these I learned the hard way by forgetting them or foolishly disregarding advice from fellow golf travelers and writers.

1. Invest in a top quality travel cover—Absolutely, positively don’t try to save money by purchasing a cheap travel cover. You can protect your golf club investment by getting a cover from a respected company like Club Glove, Ogio or Sun Mountain.
More Tips:

· Don’t select an all-black cover so you can avoid looking like everybody else. You’ll save time finding your bag on the carousel if it has a recognizable color treatment.

· Use your travel cover as an additional piece of luggage by packing shoes and extra shirts on departure and dirty laundry on your return.

· Make sure your nametag or business card is placed on the outside of the bag and the inside as well, just in case the outside card is displaced.

2. A lightweight carry Bag for the British Isles—If you’ve every played golf in this part of the world, you’ll notice that the most experienced caddies gravitate to the lightest bag in the group. Show up with one of those huge staff bags and you’ll be treated like someone with a contagious disease.

3. Microfiber clothing—These amazing fabrics were made for golf travelers. They’re lightweight, wrinkle resistant and dry quickly.

4. Quality golf outerwear —If you want to be miserable, I mean truly miserable, take a golf vacation to Scotland, Ireland or the Monterrey Peninsula in California with some ragtag, makeshift rainwear. Standing in a fairway with a thirty-mile an hour cross wind and a heavy downpour without adequate protection is not a memory you’ll treasure. Top companies, include Sun Mountain,Sunice and Zero Restriction.

5. Take some stain remover for mud--If you don’t, you might bring home a mud-splotched pair of golf slacks or khakis as a souvenir of your trip.

6. Waterproof golf shoes (with shoe trees)—You must have a dry pair available in case you get caught in a downpour. Ideally, you need to take at least two pair of waterproof golf shoes, especially on trips four days or longer.

7. Quality golf umbrella—Don’t depend on the cheap logo umbrella you received as a gift at your last corporate golf tourney. Invest in a top quality umbrella that can withstand strong winds and, more importantly, keep you dry between shots.

8. Sizeable golf ball inventory—In my experience, buying golf balls outside of the U.S. always involves serious sticker shock and a suddenly exploding travel budget.  Obviously, if you’re a high handicapper you’ll need more golf balls.  Honestly evaluate your game to calculate how many golf balls will be enough.

9. Extra items—If you’re traveling in the British Isles or just about anywhere away from the continental U.S., make sure you take extra tees, pencils and divot repair tools which aren’t as readily available at golf courses outside the U.S.

10. Healthy snacks—You’ll be glad you packed a couple of boxes of granola bars and packages of peanut butter crackers, especially if you’re playing in the British Isles. While the beef barley soup and fish and chips are treasured favorites after a around, you’ll need some healthy fortification during play.

Thanks, Ed, on these great packing tips for a golf trip. To read more golf travel stories, visit the Golf Travel Guru here.

Original article link: http://www.thegolftravelguru.com/2013/06/10-great-golf-travel-packing-tips.html

The Golf Travel Guru is an entertaining and informative golf blog by Florida resident, Ed Schmidt Jr. Widely recognized as one of the industry's foremost experts on golf travel, The Golf Travel Guru is a great way to stay updated on all things related to golf travel.
<![CDATA[GOLF GENIUS FEATURED IN PGA BEST PRACTICES]]>Mon, 01 Dec 2014 18:37:21 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/golf-genius-featured-in-pga-best-practicesPicture
Chris Kenney on Tournament & Outings: Create Strong Engagements With Participants

The following is a best practices piece featured on PGAMagazine.com by Golf Genius customer Chris Kenney, PGA Head Golf Professional at The Patterson Club in Fairfield, CT.

Chris Kenney, the 2000 Middle Atlantic PGA Section Assistant Professional of the Year, a 2008 and 2009 U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 Kids Teacher, 2014 AGM Platinum Award winner and 2014 Metropolitan PGA Section Merchandiser of the Year for Private Facilities, is the PGA head professional at The Patterson Club in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Chris Kenney on the importance of creating strong engagements with participants:

When I arrived here 10 years ago, I wanted to do something to take our Member-Guest to the next level and create a connection with the members and guests that would leave them feeling welcomed and appreciated. The engagement process begins two weeks before the tournament. We send out emails to the guests, providing them with tournament information and a contact if they have any questions for the professional staff. During the event, the professional staff makes an effort to speak to every member and guest and find out how things are going for them, to ensure they are enjoying themselves. Throughout the event, we use Golf Genius Software to post pictures and tournament results, along with live scoring. This has helped us to not only keep players up to date, but spouses and friends are able to follow the tournament away from the course. One player’s wife even informed him that he had won a contest before we even announced it.

Chris Kenney on the business impact of creating strong engagements with participants:

With positive player-staff engagements, we have benefitted in many facets at our facility. For the Member-Guest Invitational, we are able to retain 85-90 percent of the guests each year. They not only come back, but they deliver positive responses to us on their experience. We are able to maintain 60-70 teams for this event annually, with an entry fee of $1,200 per team. With the relationships we build with the players, they want to support the golf shop and we do approximately 80 percent more merchandise sales during the week of the event as compared to a normal week of play. Additionally, we offer an Invitational prep lesson package six weeks before the event for $249 which includes four sessions. Typically, we usually have about six people take advantage of the package each year, while a few take private lessons for their preparation. Lastly, we have added three members that were originally exposed to the club through the Member-Guest Invitational. With all the benefits that we have generated in the past 10 years, we will certainly continue to maintain the use of engagement with the participants.

Editor’s note: The above comments reflect the opinion and experiences of the submitting PGA Professional and are not endorsed by PGA Magazine or the PGA of America.

<![CDATA[GOLF GENIUS SOFTWARE PARTNERS WITH MEMBERSFIRST]]>Sat, 01 Nov 2014 17:35:00 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/golf-genius-software-partners-with-membersfirstPicture
We are excited to announce that Golf Genius Software has entered into a strategic partnership with MembersFirst, an award-winning software and website provider to private clubs. MembersFirst will integrate Golf Genius into its core offering for golf clubs and sell the full Golf Genius subscription service directly to their clients.

Private golf clubs use Golf Genius's cloud-based software services to quickly and easily manage leagues, member events and outings. Golf Genius will fully integrate with MembersFirst's member roster and tee time systems, creating a completely seamless solution for MembersFirst clients.

<![CDATA[GOLF GENIUS SOFTWARE USED IN CANADIAN EVENTS]]>Thu, 03 Jul 2014 18:05:35 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/golf-genius-software-used-in-canadian-eventsPicture
Golf Genius Software is extremely excited and honored that the company's GolfEventGenius tournament administration and scoring software was used to score two high profile Canadian events in June: 
the PGA Championship of Canada, the PGA of Canada's premier championship, and the inaugural Golf to Conquer Cancer charity event.

The 64-person match play championship, which took place from June 24-27, featured live scoring administered by the PGA of Canada staff and provided thousands of golf fans around the world with a front-row seat to all of the exciting action. Ultimately, it was Dave Levesque of Pure Golf Experience in Quebec City who came out on top, with a 2 up victory over Bill Walsh of Fairtree Golf Centre in Ontario in the final match.

"Since partnering with Golf Genius Software, not only has our staff use of time become more efficient with the use of the mobile scoring app, but the scoring display for the thousands that follow along online has helped tremendously. The online scoring looked fantastic and the admin side was seamless. As a tournament director, having confidence in your tournament management software is a key to success."

This year's championship was also significant because Bill Walsh earned an exemption into the RBC Canadian Open at The Royal Montreal Golf Club following his win in the semifinals.

"We are thrilled with how our software performed for the PGA Championship of Canada, especially our bracket tournament capability which is one of our newest features," says Golf Genius Software President and CEO Mike Zisman. "Our goal is to provide all of our users with a world-class golf experience, be they the PGA of Canada, a private country club, a public golf course, The First Tee or a group of friends playing in a league. The PGA of Canada was able to keep their members and golf fans across the world informed with up to the second standings for each match."

GolfEventGenius was also used recently at the first annual Golf to Conquer Cancer event on June 16 at Coppinwood Golf Club in Uxbridge, Ontario. With presenting sponsor Harry Rosen Inc and benefitting The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, the event proudly raised $800,000, making it the highest-grossing single-day golf tournament supporting the cancer cause across Canada.

Golf Genius Software offers affordable, fully-featured cloud-based software for organizing and managing golf events, leagues and trips. The products save time and eliminate hassle for PGA Professionals, event organizers, league managers, amateur and professional associations and trip captains, enabling them to deliver a greatly enhanced experience to golfers and their guests.

Golf Genius Software is a proud partner of the Metropolitan PGA and Philadelphia PGA, and is the official scoring software of the PGA of CanadaPGA of Ontario and PGA of Ottawa.

For more information on Golf Genius Software and its products, visit GolfGenius.com.

<![CDATA[HOW TO PROVIDE A BETTER GOLF EXPERIENCE WITH GOOGLE CHROMEBOOKS AND CHROMECAST]]>Tue, 20 May 2014 17:32:49 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/how-to-provide-a-better-golf-experience-with-google-chromebooks-and-chromecastPicture
Charity golf event coordinators and PGA Professionals are always looking for that "something special" to set their event apart from the hundreds of thousands of others that take place each year. Whether it's the gift bag, the entertainment or the course, the golfer experience is just as important as funds raised, and with good cause. Charity golf events accounted for nearly $4 billion dollars in 2011 according to a recent study by the National Golf Foundation. And wouldn't you know it, the Geniuses at Google offer an affordable and streamlined solution to help make any charity golf event like the U.S. Open.

A number of customers have asked us about the use of Google Chromebooks and Chromecasts for displaying Golf Genius Software TV leaderboard results on a large display.

The answer? An enthusiastic yes!

The use of Chromecast eliminates the need to use an HDMI cable to connect a PC, Chromebook, Android or Apple iOS device to a large display. Since Chromebooks are priced as low as $300, they are an affordable tool for this purpose and they help keep golfers engaged once the round is finished without clunky wires and setup.

Chromecast is a very inexpensive (about $35.00) small device that plugs into the HDMI port of a TV or display and communicates over a wireless network to a Google Chrome browser on any device the free Chomecast software is installed. It allows content from the browser to be shown on the TV or display (called “casting”) and is used for casting movies, web pages, or—to keep golfers engaged—a Golf Genius Software rotating TV leaderboard.

A Chromebook is a cost-friendly laptop that only runs the Chrome browser and other Google apps such as Google docs. It only has wireless connectivity, but if you can use your phone as a wireless hotspot, then you can use your Chromebook in any location where you have cellular service. You can also use a USB to Ethernet connector to connect the Chromebook directly to wired Ethernet. Many manufacturers (HP, Samsung, Acer, etc.) produce these computers in 11.6” and 14” display versions. We have tested extensively with an Acer 11.6” Chromebook, which costs about $300 from Amazon.

All of this leads to an increase in the golfer experience at the event, and in the case with cash bars after the round, an increase in added food and beverage revenue as golfers gather around the large displays, chatting about the highs and lows of their rounds as they enjoy their favorite post-golf cocktail...or two.
<![CDATA[GOLF PROS: ADD SIZZLE TO YOUR GOLF LEAGUE]]>Thu, 01 May 2014 17:33:07 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/golf-pros-add-sizzle-to-your-golf-leaguePicture
By PGA Professional Lawrence Moses

My name is Lawrence Moses and I am the Assistant Golf Professional atClifton Park Golf Course in Baltimore, Maryland. After many years of managing golf leagues with pen, paper, and excel, I ran acrossGolfLeagueGenius in a trade publication. What an incredible company! GolfLeagueGenius has allowed me an opportunity to turn grand ideas into actual leagues.

For the league manager, GolfLeagueGenius provides a sophisticated system which will reduce the amount of time needed to handle all aspects of league management. I have personally reduced my invested time managing leagues from hours to minutes. Not only does GolfLeagueGenius save league managers time, it will allow you the confidence to attempt the difficult formats of play. I have recently added a new league that uses USGA handicaps, plays four different courses from four different tees, runs three different weekly games, and tracks ringers for each course played. In addition, I am adding a Ryder Cup format during October for the top 24 players. Even with all of these new additions, my time invested in managing leagues has been reduced to only a few minutes each day.

Try GolfLeagueGenius.com FREE!

For the PGA golf professional, GolfLeagueGenius will give you the “steak” and the “sizzle” to go with it. The ability to create a professional-looking website (see below) filled with options such as photo galleries, message boards, player profiles, player statistics, and event results will give PGA professionals a much needed tool when soliciting new leagues to their golf course. In one season, I have seen a revitalization of league play at Clifton Park. All it takes is a few moments to show league managers what is available and how it fits their needs.

I do not miss the days of preparing for league play hours in advance, and then spending hours afterwards scoring, calculating, double checking, and awarding. 
I now let GolfLeagueGenius do that for me while I enjoy a nice cold draft beer with the players. Do not let logistical nightmares of running your ideal league stop you from turning your vision into a reality. Check out GolfLeagueGenius and the genius staff, which want nothing more than your success when creating and managing league play at your facility.


Tell us what tournament formats you play with your league by commenting below.

<![CDATA[GOLF GENIUS SOFTWARE OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT SOFTWARE OF SYNERGY GOLF LEAGUE]]>Mon, 21 Apr 2014 17:27:58 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/golf-genius-software-official-tournament-software-of-synergy-golf-leaguePicture
Golf Genius Software has been named the official tournament software ofSynergy Golf League, the only nation-wide professional golf league forming teams in cities across the country.

"One of our concerns before launching Synergy Golf League was how we were going to track all of the competition and know which golfers are the best of the best," says Noah Bluesky, COO of Synergy Golf League. "We were introduced to Golf Genius Software at the 2014 PGA Show and immediately knew that it was a perfect fit."

Synergy Golf League will be utilizing Golf Genius Software's GolfLeagueGenius cloud-based golf league platform to organize, score and administer over 44,000 qualifying rounds at over 490 golf courses in 49 cities throughout the season.

"We are incredibly excited that Synergy Golf League has chosen our software for their inaugural season," says Golf Genius Software president and CEO Mike Zisman. "With the amount of tournament administration that will be required by their staff across the country, I am confident GolfLeagueGenius will save time while introducing golfers to an exciting new initiative that grows the game."

Golf Genius Software offers affordable, fully-featured cloud-based software for organizing and managing golf events, leagues and trips. The products save time and eliminate hassle for PGA Professionals, event organizers, league managers, amateur and professional associations and trip captains, enabling them to deliver a greatly enhanced experience to golfers.

GolfLeagueGenius is a comprehensive and innovative solution for the organization and management of recreational and competitive golf leagues. Used by PGA Professionals, league managers and both professional and amateur golf associations, GolfLeagueGenius provides unprecedented power, control and flexibility for all essential functions necessary to run a league.

For more information on Golf Genius Software and its products, visit www.GolfGenius.com.

For golfers interested in further information on Synergy Golf League, please visithttp://synergygolfleague.com/ or https://twitter.com/progolfleague

<![CDATA[A GENIUS SURPRISE]]>Fri, 18 Apr 2014 18:10:15 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/a-genius-surprisePicture
For the third-consecutive year, Golf Genius Software partnered with the Monarchs House in St Andrews, Scotland, to offer the opportunity to win a free week to one lucky GolfTripGenius user and seven friends. This year’s winner, Erik Rasmussen, chronicles winning the contest in a series of blogs. This is the first in the series.

2013 marked the 25th year of the Lakehouse Boys golf trip, which started at Madden’s Resort in northern Minnesota when we stayed in the Lakehouse. For 25 years, 16 to 24 guys have gone away each Spring to play golf. The tradition began long before kids and marriage—was an unspoken pre-nup when we met our wives—and a core group of 12 have been on the majority of the trips

Over the years, guys have come and gone...and come back again, but the trip has remained the same—four days and six rounds of golf. Day one is a warm-up round leading into three Ryder Cup rounds and a scramble, both of which have a trophy with the winners’ names on it. The last day is designated as a getaway day.

2013 also marked the first time we used GolfTripGenius for our trip. My friend, Mike, and I have handled organizing the games for at least 20 years and we finally got the group to drop the Giant Skins game so that we could enjoy our cocktails after the round and not have to worry about who won skins. Then I heard about GolfTripGenius and realized that it could score our games (including the skins), track our housing and flights and, most importantly for me as the trip captain, organize and display those who hadn’t paid their fees. It worked flawlessly.

Our trip takes place each May, so I purchased GolfTripGenius again in January and started the 2014 planning. I was checking emails while on vacation in Hawaii with my wife in March and noticed a note from Billy Condon of Golf Genius Software. I figured that it was one of their trip reminder emails that help the trip captain stay on track. I opened it and it was far from a reminder. The note alerted me that I had won seven nights for eight people at the Monarchs House in St. Andrews—could this be true?! I showed my wife and we both wondered if this was the golf equivalent of a Nigerian Prince wanting to split $40 million with me. I was skeptical, but sent my cell number to Billy. When he called, he assured me that it was legit. So while I sat on our hotel balcony overlooking Waikiki Beach, my thoughts turned to a fall golf trip to Scotland.

Fast forward four weeks and I have the group of eight finalized, which was no easy task given family commitments and work schedules. The flights have been booked and our tee times set. We are sticking close to St Andrews, but have a schedule that looks to be spectacular: Kingsbarns (pictured); CrailSt. Andrews New CourseCastle and Jubilee. With the Old Course being the one bucket list track not on the schedule yet, we will roll the dice to see if we can get on when we’re there in September.

With logistics in good shape, my focus has shifted back to the Annual Lakehouse Boys trip at the beginning of May. We are heading to We Ko Pa in Phoenix and I can’t wait because it is typically one of the best weekends of the year. But as much as this is a highlight of the year, I can’t help but think about how spending a week in the birthplace of golf with seven of my best golf buddies may be the best week of my life.

Thanks to Golf Genius Software and the Monarchs House for making this happen for us.

Have suggestions for Erik and his friends on places to eat and drink while in St Andrews? Comment below.

<![CDATA[HOW TO HAVE MORE FUN ON YOUR NEXT GOLF TRIP]]>Thu, 17 Apr 2014 18:08:48 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/how-to-have-more-fun-on-your-next-golf-tripPicture
GolfTripGenius was featured in the Spring issue of XPLORE Greater Philadelphia Magazine.

Organizing Your Next Golf Trip Just Got Easier - Thanks To GolfTripGenius:

For a golfer, there is nothing like a golf trip. From the moment you start planning your trip, the anticipation of travel, exploration, and fellowship with good friends fuels your excitement. That is of course unless you are the trip caption. You know, that person who is responsible for making the travel arrangements, handling the groupʼs communications, collecting the money, and determining the daily awards and skin payouts.

For the trip captain, the buddy golf trip can be a stressful time and a test of patience. But not anymore. Golf Genius Software (a company based outside of Philadelphia, PA) heard your cries for help and developed GolfTripGenius, a software program designed to make trip planning and execution a breeze. GolfTripGenius is a trip captainʼs personal assistant that features six modules: Trip LogisticsPerfect Pairings, Scorecards, Tournament ManagerTrip Accountant, and Social Scene.

This past November, XPLORE took GolfTripGenius for a “test drive” and organized a 20-person golf trip to Myrtle Beach. The software cost was reasonable, priced at $3.00 per golfer per round (with a maximum cost of $249) to gain access to this cloud-based system. Once access rights were granted, our trip captain registered each group member by entering their email address. Emails were then automatically sent, asking each group member to complete their player profile with information such as travel arrangements, emergency contacts, mobile phone numbers, handicaps, etc.

Trip captains can update the trip profile which includes information such as lodging, roommates, dining arrangements, golf courses, tee times, and pairings. Once this information is posted, it is viewable by the group, making it easy to keep everyone informed throughout the trip.

The system is accessible via mobile devices. Some foursomes used their iPhones to keep score, which allowed scores to be posted in real-time. We set up a laptop in the clubhouse bar to post scores for those either without a mobile device or opting not to use it. With scores being posted in real-time during or immediately following  completion of play, players could view the leaderboard to see their standings. Once all the scores were posted, GolfTripGenius automatically calculated the winners and their payouts - saving hours and providing us with more time to enjoy Myrtle Beach.

All in all, we found that GolfTripGenius greatly enhanced our golf trip. In fact, for the first time in a long time, we were able to quickly and enthusiastically recruit a trip captain for next year. The GolfTripGenius marketing tag line is “Less Work. More Fun. Thatʼs Genius.” XPLORE agrees.

<![CDATA[GBN PRO-PRO AT THE WALDORF ASTORIA GOLF CLUB]]>Sat, 01 Feb 2014 18:23:58 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/gbn-pro-pro-at-the-waldorf-astoria-golf-clubPicture
Each year, the PGA Merchandise Show brings PGA Professionals and industry leaders to Orlando for a week of golf, networking and checking out the latest trends and equipment in golf.

Golf Business Network is an organization that is made up of some of these golf leaders, especially PGA Professionals at private clubs across the country.

This year, GBN hosted a Pro-Pro golf event at the Waldorf Astoria Golf Club. GBN’s President and CEO Bob Mulcahy wanted to make the two-man better ball event moreengaging for the professionals in attendance, so Mulcahy looked to his friends at Golf Genius Software to provide live scoring for the event.

With a field of 24 PGA Professionals that all know one another, live scoring provided that extra element of competition and gamesmanship to keep things interesting as bragging rights were on the line.

“It was amazing to see how easy GolfEventGenius was to use during the course of the day,” says Mulcahy. “More importantly, it added tremendous value to the event as the players knew where they stood at all times by accessing the leaderboard from their phone.”

When groups finished, they gathered in the bar at the Waldorf for some post-round beverages and to view a live leaderboard that was connected to a TV in the room so everyone could observe where their team stood compared to the rest of the field.

The day was an all-around winner for the PGA Professionals as they enjoyed a great golf course, live scoring and some cold post-round beverages.

<![CDATA[THE TOP TEN GIFTS FOR GOLFERS THIS HOLIDAY SEASON]]>Fri, 13 Dec 2013 18:21:13 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/the-top-ten-gifts-for-golfers-this-holiday-seasonIt’s that wonderful time of year when golfers are judged not by how many birdies or bogeys they made, but how well behaved they were. And yes, smashing a club into the side of a golf cart will get you a lump of coal. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that golfer in your life that has earned a spot on the nice list, here are some suggestions:
  1. A new watch. Not a Rolex, a Breitling or even a Timex, but the Garmin Approach S1 Golf GPS Watch. The latest in GPS devices, now worn on the wrist. Preloaded with 14,000 courses. Nice!

  2. Order up this book: A Game For Life: Golf's Rules and Rewards by Gene Westmoreland. Published this summer by one of the finest Rules experts in the game, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer. A sweet read.

  3. The most passionate golfers play rain or shine. For those stormy days on the course, gift wrap a pair of the newly released Lunar Bandon rain “boots” from Nike. No more soggy socks, guaranteed. These are the second generation version—I have the originals and they work great, worth all the kidding you’ll get for their unusual look.

  4. "Is this round really necessary?" Yes, period. Help make the extravagant golf round a reality. APinehurst gift card to cover the green fee at Pinehurst #2 (ahead of the 2014 U.S. Men’s and Women’s Opens) or a Pebble Beach gift card for a memorable round on every golfer’s bucket list course. Either (or both!) is sure to be a grand slam holiday gift.

  5. There are now lots of club fitting methods out there. Here’s one of the best: Spend a couple hours with Randall Doucette at the Faldo Golf Institute in Orlando. You can’t give any golfer, regardless of experience, a more thorough, precise and game-improving club fitting experience. Randy is a club fitting ninja—and this is a fantastic gift.

  6. Has your golfer been very, very good? Do you want a gift that you can enjoy as much as your grateful recipient? Then cash that retirement CD and order the new Sharp Aquos 90” 3D LED—the world’s largest HDTV. Almost 8 feet of viewing ecstasy. Get a REALLY BIG look at the golf telecast on Sunday afternoon. While it’ll cost a pretty penny at around $11,000—a bit more cha-ching than that round at Pebble, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  7. Arguably the best logo in golf? Merion’s red basket. Home to the 2013 U.S. Open? Merion Golf Club. Get your favorite golfer a nice logo’d Open hat, or shirt, or money clip, or head cover...the list goes on. Check out all the possibilities.

  8. Bob Vokey makes great wedges for Titleist, and he’ll make a custom one for your special golfer, talk about Santa’s little helper! How about a black oxide 56-degree wedge with personalized initials in a clover green snowflake pattern on the head, a S200 True Temper shaft and a Vokey Tour Velvet grip? This may be a little harder to wrap than a book.

  9. Ok, you knew I would eventually add a new set of irons to this top ten list. If you want to make a gift of new sticks to that special golf nut, read on. First, a little marketing speak as it appears on the website:
    People are amazed that master craftsman Katsuhiro Miura is often referred to in the Japanese media as having the Hands of God.

    Follow that nugget with the widespread “insider” belief that these are the finest forged irons money can buy. I wouldn’t know how they play, but these Miura irons are certainly the most beautiful blades I’ve laid eyes on. Increase your credit card limit before you place the order.

  10. Finally, the gift every golfer would run out barefoot into the snow celebrating: 2013 Masters badges. I don’t know how you can find them, but you can’t overstate how terrific a gift these rarest-of-all sports tickets would be for the true golf lover. Good luck—and start your search now.

We hope all of you enjoy the holidays and remember that it’s better to give than to receive, unless of course you’re receiving one of the items on this list! Ho-ho-ho.

<![CDATA[RUNNING A GOLF LEAGUE: GOLFERS, EVENTS, TOURNAMENTS AND MORE]]>Wed, 27 Nov 2013 18:16:05 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/running-a-golf-league-golfers-events-tournaments-and-morePicture
Golf leagues have been a topic of discussion among PGA golf professionals and course owners throughout 2013 as a way to grow the game of golf, fill tee sheets and increase revenue. Leagues are made up of diverse groups of avid golfers who simply just want to tee it up, be social and have fun.

Golf Genius Software conducted a season-ending survey among 2013 GolfLeagueGenius league managers and the results provide information on how leagues operate, what games they play, and what organizational tools are most important to them.

As for the number of events in a season, 28% of leagues played 21-30 events, and another 28% played over 31 events.

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we heard from golf league managers throughout the year was how GolfLeagueGenius provided the ability to change up the games each week. The powerful tournament engine allows numerous tournaments to be played within the same round, which keeps golfers engaged and coming back week after week.

It's no surprise that 61% of managers found the tournament manager as an "extremely helpful" tool. This was second to the pairings and scheduling tool which received 76% affirmation for being"extremely helpful".

In 2013, 72% of golf leagues using GolfLeagueGenius' tournament functionality played net events. Shocker? Not really. Net events even the playing field, and with GLG's automatic GHIN and GolfNet Handicap Index integration and updates, the manager's job is easier than ever before. Because of the ability to play net and gross events, and any other format within the same event, 68% of league managersincorporated gross and stroke play events during the season, 60% played skins, and 52% involved team games. There's no right way to run a golf league, but it's clear that golfers like variety when it comes to the games they play, and managers are giving the golfers what they want.

And what do league managers want? An efficient, seamless way to manage their league with no hassles. In response to how GolfLeagueGenius improved their league, and a couple leagues did say there was no improvement, here are some of the responses:

  • "GolfLeagueGenius improved our league in a lot of ways. There's a website for scores, leaderboard, photos, and live scoring. User-scored tournaments is a big one for us since we do more than just golf and tally points over all events."

  • "It has made our league more efficient and its ease of use makes it less work for our officers to do. We used to have to do everything manually."

  • "Great planning and communication tool. The analytics help guys focus on the holes that give them the most trouble and as a result handicaps have improved."

  • "GolfLeagueGenius provided improved pairings and ample statistics. Scoring has been important because scorekeepers make errors which are corrected by GLG."
Many managers are already looking forward to next season and how they are going to take the integration of GolfLeagueGenius with their league even further. When asked if they will use GolfLeagueGenius again in 2014. 
92% of managers said yes/absolutely, 4% were probable, and 4% said no.

All in all, 2013 was a great season for GolfLeagueGenius. Users can be found in 40 states and 30 countries, and this manager survey helps to not only improve GolfLeagueGenius, but provide other league managers insight as to how they can increase engagement and league activity.

<![CDATA[HOW TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL BUDDY GOLF TRIP]]>Fri, 01 Nov 2013 17:16:51 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/how-to-run-a-successful-buddy-golf-tripGolf trip captain Bill Boncosky took GolfTripGenius along on his recent golf trip to North Carolina. Here is his story:

We just concluded our annual buddies’ golf trip and we wanted to share our thoughts with fellow golf trippers.

Our group started as a bunch of Indiana University graduates and our first golf trip was to Boyne, MI in 1992 making this year’s trip the 22nd rendition of our annual get-together. We have visited Northern Michigan, Southern Indiana, Myrtle Beach, Pinehurst, Bend, OR, Reno, NV, Upstate NY and Summit County, CO. Much has changed over the years:
  • Our group size has fluctuated between 20 and 8 golfers and in recent years we have settled on 8. As we get older, career and family obligations make it too difficult to secure firm commitments from a larger group.

  • We CANNOT drink as much (or as well) as we did in our 20’s!!

  • We snore much more and much louder giving rise to the first conversations on how much more are we willing to pay to get our own bedrooms.

  • We are earning more money than ever and several of us want to move upscale in golf, lodging and food choices.
This year’s trip was a return to the Pinehurst / Southern Pines area of North Carolina – a spectacular location for a buddies’ golf trip. We went in late September and the weather was PERFECT! Details:


We stayed in the Ross Lodge at Pine Needles. It is a 2 floor building and each floor has 4 bedrooms each with a private bath and two full-size beds. A picture of our room is below. The bedrooms open up to a large common area with a kitchen, large dining room table, large flat-screen TV, fireplace and comfortable couches. There is even a ½ bath in the common area. Best of all, the Ross Lodge sits right next to what is essentially your group’s private driving range and is a very short walk to the Pro Shop, first tee, dining, and the main lodge at Pine Needles where there is a pool table and table tennis. The breakfast buffet was very good. The bar serves cold beer and the food, while not spectacular (other than the Bell Burger which is great), was filling. Bill Gilmore, the Sales Manager at Pine Needles, did a great job of greeting us, making us feel at home and otherwise doing Southern Hospitality proud. The only complaints we had were that we could very clearly hear the group on the second floor walk around early in the morning and that some of us had roommates who snore REALLY LOUDLY!

Golf Courses

We flew into Raleigh Thursday morning and played our first round at Tobacco Road about 45 minutes from RDU and right on the way to the Pinehurst area. I have played Tobacco Road before and it was a blast. You’ll never play another course as visually intimidating, but if you can get over your initial fear when you first look at each hole, you'll find that there is plenty of room. Unfortunately for us, Tobacco Road had a very tough summer (several instances of torrential rain – some storms dumping up to 6” of water) and the greens were in very bad shape. The entire course was not “tight” and my buddies did not enjoy the course as much as I did when I played it six years earlier.

We checked into the Ross Lodge at Pine Needles Thursday evening and played Pine Needles Friday morning. Pine Needles is simply solid – in the best sense of the term. A Donald Ross classic that has hosted three US Women’s Opens, it is a straight-forward test of gold in very good condition. While not spectacular (and certainly a big difference from the visual fun park that is Tobacco Road) no one in your group will have a negative word to say about Pine Needles.

Friday afternoon we went across the street (literally) and played Mid Pines, another Donald Ross classic. Below is the approach shot on 18 at Mid Pines.

Mid Pines just completed a renovation much like what Coore Crenshaw did at Pinehurst #2. All the rough has been removed and fairways are now bordered by pine straw and/or scrubby natural sand areas. Mid Pines is the toughest “short” course I have ever played. The green complexes are very challenging (mishit-struck shots will roll off the upside down saucer greens in classic Donald Ross fashion) and every approach shot seemed uphill and into the wind. It’s in terrific condition and the renovations are great. We really enjoyed Mid Pines.

Saturday we slept in a bit and drove about 15 minutes to play the new Coore Crenshaw course, The Dormie Club. WOW!! Below is the view back down 18 from the porch of the temporary clubhouse. A very good place to sit in the shade, enjoy a beverage and relive a terrific round of golf.

The firm, fast and tight conditions at Dormie are perfect for the style of course. There is ample room off the tees with no rough. You have to spray it pretty good to reach the pine trees and sandy scrubby areas that surround each hole. If you do, you can still find your ball. The green complexes are huge and challenging, causing me to 3-putt about 5 of the first 9 holes before I figured things out. Dormie Club is now my favorite course in the Pinehurst area, surpassing #2 and #4 at the Pinehurst Resort. Get there and play it at any cost. And take the caddies – they are very good, experienced and will add to your enjoyment.

Sunday morning we played a final round at Pine Needles and again, we really enjoyed our experience.

The Games / Action

When our group was larger, we split up into Ryder Cup teams but with only 8 players, we’ve created a new game that we’ve really enjoyed. Each day, golfers are paired in 2-man teams for a 4-ball (best ball) match. Money is paid out to the winner of each match AND points are totaled from each match. 1 point for winning a hole, ½ for halves, and 0 for losing a hole. Point totals are kept for each individual so there is always incentive to keep playing even if you have already lost your match. For the first three matches, we don’t duplicate partners and we use GolfTripGenius to balance our 4-somes so everyone plays at least once with everyone else. On the last day, we pair and set matches in a manner that hopefully gives everyone a chance to get in the money on points. So in short, we pay the winners of each match and then pay 1st – 3rd places on the overall points.

For the Friday afternoon round, we play a 2-man scramble with a twist. Each team has to play 6 holes from the forward tees, 6 from the middle tees and 6 from the tips – at their discretion. It’s a fun way to have a more relaxed round and hopefully prevent getting “golfed-out.”
<![CDATA[PGA GOLF RANKINGS GET GENIUS TOUCH]]>Fri, 18 Oct 2013 18:12:09 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/pga-golf-rankings-get-genius-touchPicture
What do you get when you combine the best golf professionals in Canada with cutting-edge software? One of the most comprehensive and visually appealing player rankings systems in the game.

Golf Genius Software, in partnership with the PGA of Canada, has designed an update to the administration of the PGA of Canada Player Rankings presented by RBC.

Designed by the development team at Golf Genius Software, the new Player Rankings interface not only has a cleaner look, but will streamline and reduce the workload of the PGA of Canada staff.

"Our commitment to the PGA of Canada is to provide a comprehensive solution that handles tournament administration and scoring for their championships as well as Player Rankings," said Golf Genius Software President and CEO Mike Zisman. "This added value demonstrates the depth and capabilities that our team can provide to other associations and clubs in the industry."

The new admin interface of the Player Rankings makes it not only easy for PGA of Canada staff to enter the data, but the new system also provides numerous validation checks, ensuring that only the most accurate Rankings are displayed.

"The partnership with Golf Genius Software has allowed the PGA of Canada to consolidate two programs from different suppliers into one consistent platform with the same technical support team," said PGA of Canada's Managing Director of Championships and Events Adam LeBrun. "Anyone who visits the new PGA of Canada Player Rankings presented by RBC page will notice a nice change to the layout and added interactive features."

To view the 2013 PGA of Canada Player Rankings presented by RBC, visitwww.golfleaguegenius.com/pgaofcanada
<![CDATA[TOP 5 REASONS TO JOIN A GOLF LEAGUE]]>Thu, 30 May 2013 17:17:38 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/top-5-reasons-to-join-a-golf-leaguePicture
If you love golf, you really ought to consider joining a golf league. Although the pleasures of the game can certainly be enjoyed solo or with your usual suspects, there is something extra fun about a group of like-minded golf nuts that get together on a regular basis for some friendly competition.

Here are the top five things I like about golf leagues:

1) The semi-weekly or weekly golf events are a terrific social experience. Sure, it’s great to be out on the course, but leagues supplement the pleasures of the game with pre- and post-round banter and 19th hole chatter, and that all makes for a great day--unless you're the person who hit three shots out of bounds on 15. You get to know a whole range of folks that are united in their passion for the game and enjoying a good time sharing each other’s company.

2) Golf league competition ranges from fierce to super casual; male, female, co-ed; and all ages. That means there’s a league for everyone. Skill levels are also all over the map: you just need to find a group that suits your own game and desire (or not) for competitive play.

3) I’m not a big plan ahead type, so sometimes my golf time is overtaken by “life happens”. But with a golf league, you have a regularly scheduled, “gotta be there” appointment to play the game you love. How great is that? Get your league events on your calendar and savor the anticipation!

4) Good golf leagues incorporate a mix of tournament formats, so you never get bored. Really good golf leagues have lots of different games running, many times in the same event. Others complement weekly event action with season-long competitions, so there are multiple ways to share in the fun (and winnings) even if you have an off day.

Instead of always being limited to a weekly net better ball of partners, some leagues are set-up so you can be entered in the season-long Stableford, or play formats where your blow-up hole(s) is tossed out, or where you play with a “real” partner and another player in the field whose identity you don’t even know until after the round, and the list goes on. It can really get interesting!

5) Golf leagues are a community. Some have been around for decades; some are new this year. The common phenomenon is a bonding of like-minded people. The web extends the community to a place and times that reinforce and enhance the benefits and pleasures of community. Established golf leagues often have their own web site where league members can view information about the events, exchange messages, view pairings and photos, and more. It’s a nice break, and provides you with your golf life right in the office.

Do you have other reasons to join a golf league? Share them by commenting below.

By Steve Sayre, Golf Genius Software Contributing Editor
<![CDATA[GGS BECOMES SILVER CORPORATE PARTNER OF THE FIRST TEE]]>Fri, 26 Apr 2013 18:15:55 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/ggs-becomes-silver-corporate-partner-of-the-first-teePicture
Golf Genius Software is excited and proud to become a Silver Corporate Partner of The First Tee, a nonprofit youth development organization with the mission to provide educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values, and promote healthy choices through the game of golf. The First Tee chapters will receive complimentary access to GolfLeagueGenius.com and its services. The First Tee has impacted more than 7.6 million young people since its inception in 1997.

“It is a mission for our company to grow the game of golf so young people can learn core values like responsibility and courtesy while developing a passion for the game,” said Mike Zisman, President and CEO of Golf Genius Software. “Golf Genius Software is proud to support The First Tee and offer GolfLeagueGenius to chapters around the country.”

GolfLeagueGenius.com provides event registration, pairings, scoring and more, while reducing organizational time demands and providing participants with a fun and interactive golf experience. The First Tee chapters can utilize a custom website where results and photos are visible, and participants can engage with their peers in a safe environment with message boards and photo galleries.

“We are grateful for Golf Genius Software’s commitment to our mission,” said Jennifer Weiler, vice president of strategic alignment & development for The First Tee. “By providing GolfLeagueGenius free of charge to chapters of The First Tee, operations will become more efficient and in turn provide opportunities to impact more young people.”

<![CDATA[GOLF ASSOCIATION OF PHILADELPHIA PARTNERS WITH GOLF GENIUS SOFTWARE]]>Fri, 15 Feb 2013 19:18:03 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/golf-association-of-philadelphia-partners-with-golf-genius-softwareGolf Genius Software has partnered with the Golf Association of Philadelphia and GolfLeagueGenius has been named the preferred golf league software solution of the Association. The GAP will incorporate and promote GolfLeagueGenius.com to its membership and is developing new GAP leagues that will enhance the GAP membership experience.

"As an international company based outside of Philadelphia, we are thrilled that GAP has chosen GolfLeagueGenius as a partner", said Mike Zisman, President and CEO of Golf Genius Software. "The Association has a rich history in growing the game and providing its membership with the best opportunities to do so. The new GAP leagues powered by GolfLeagueGenius.com will only enhance the golf experience for GAP members."
In an attempt to expand its reach and touch more golfers, the Golf Association of Philadelphia will conduct up to 20 GAP leagues, powered by GolfLeagueGenius.com, at various local public facilities. The winners of each league will advance to the GAP League Championship later in the year at a facility to be determined. Visit the Golf Association of Philadelphia Web site, www.gapgolf.org, for more information.

GolfLeagueGenius.com is the new, fun and efficient way to organize golf leagues. The pairings feature, based on proprietary algorithms, is designed to minimize repeats and pair by custom parameters. Season-long scheduling can be completed instantly, and no matter the tournament format, scoring is automated simply by entering a player's gross scores.

With its GHIN integration, GolfLeagueGenius provides updated Handicap Indexes for GAP members participating in golf leagues throughout the season, saving league organizers time and energy of tedious data entry. Furthermore, golfers can download the free GolfLeagueGenius mobile app for real-time score entry and live leaderboard display. Besides all of these features, what sets GolfLeagueGenius apart is the ability to create a fully-customizable league website that will have custom branding for all GAP member clubs and leagues.

"We are excited to partner with Golf Genius Software, which provides the finest league scoring flexibility in the marketplace with GolfLeagueGenius.com," said GAP Executive Director Mark Peterson. "GolfLeagueGenius will provide the sophistication our GAP League requires while streamlining our administrative tasks and therefore save us both time and money. GolfLeagueGenius is a wonderful tool that will save time for all GAP Member Clubs while providing exceptional service to members."
<![CDATA[TOP 10 THINGS NOT TO DO ON YOUR NEXT GOLF TRIP]]>Mon, 11 Jun 2012 18:04:11 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/top-10-things-not-to-do-on-your-next-golf-trip
  1. Don’t leave something really important behind. This always happens—always. Items range from toilet kits to passports, and include underwear, sunscreen (2x retail in the pro shop), umbrella (remember, if you don’t bring it, it will rain), ATM card, and even your clubs. Yes, I have a three digit IQ but have doubled back to the house for the last item more than once.
  2. Don't forget to call the pro shop and get an honest report on the actual conditioning of the courses you have reserved.
<![CDATA[TOP TEN THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOUR GOLF TRIP]]>Wed, 09 May 2012 18:01:49 GMThttp://news.golfgenius.com/blog/top-ten-things-to-do-before-your-golf-tripMy goal is simple: to help you experience the best golf trip possible. We have covered the Masters, Scottsdale, and general planning tips. Now we look at the top ten things every golf tripper needs to do before they get on the plane or in the car.
  1. Select dates with precision. You CANNOT be gone for a significant other's birthday, your children’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, you get the idea. Exception: You MAY seek special dispensation for an anniversary year that isn’t a multiple of ten.  

  1. If possible, have a substitute golf tripper in the wings. Although the commitment to go on your golf trip is like a marriage vow, life happens. If you can quickly lay hands on a sub, life is good again.

  2. Communicate your tournament format schedule and payout amounts for the trip. Get those handicap disputes smoothed-over and get everyone’s competitive juices flowing. Make sure guys bring cash.

  3. Call the pro shop at your destination courses and make sure course condition is fine—recently aerated greens are an unwelcome surprise.

  4. Always pack an umbrella and rain gloves. If you don’t, it will definitely rain...hard.

  5. Line up some dinner reservations. Murphy’s law dictates that if you don’t, you will be in town for the week of the National Home Builders’ Annual Convention with not a table to be had ($20 grease notwithstanding).  Hola, Taco Bell.

  6. If flying, upgrade to first class using those precious frequent flyers. It’s your golf trip and there is nothing more important than your personal comfort. If you’re driving, fill the cooler with top-shelf snacks and beverages. You don’t want to pull off and waste time when you could be on the range.

  7. Speaking of travel, make sure you have everyone’s cell number and travel plans in one place. Make sure everyone knows his tee time for the first round in case someone arrives late, which will always happen.

  8. Batten things down on the home front. You don’t want to be worrying about an unhappy spouse or a broken screen door when you’re lining up your six footers.

Bonus Tip: Plan next year’s trip before you leave this year's. It makes the pain and sorrow of leaving easier to take. Plus, you can dream of winning back all your losses.

Did I miss an important tip? Let me know by leaving a comment!